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we can make a difference in the world." Matthew 5:16

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Through teaching science, we aim for all learners to become individuals who are curious about and respectful of the world and environment that they live in, by asking and investigating questions.

They are given opportunities to explore aspects of physics, chemistry and biology within an exciting, relevant, practical and engaging curriculum.

To gain a deeper understanding of the subject, children are given an investigation-led approach that aims to:

  • encourage children to use themselves as starting points for learning about science, and to build on their enthusiasm and natural sense of wonder about the world.
  • provide pupils with opportunities to offer their own suggestions, ask their own questions and to be creative in their approach to Science.
  • provide pupils with opportunities to use a variety of approaches to answer relevant scientific questions, including:

a) observing over time
b) pattern seeking
c) identifying, classifying and grouping
d) comparative and fair testing (controlled investigations
e) researching using secondary sources.

  • develop pupils scientific vocabulary, especially for words linked to Working Scientifically ; encourage correct usage and spelling of scientific vocabulary
  • enable children to develop their skills of co-operation through working with others, and to encourage where possible, ways for children to explore Science in ways which are relevant and meaningful to them, including opportunities for outdoor learning where appropriate.
  • encourage children to treat the living and non-living environment with respect and sensitivity.