St Luke's C of E Primary School

Trust in God
and give of your best

"For each one of us to shine as a light believing
we can make a difference in the world." Matthew 5:16

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The school was built in 1969 at a total cost of £69,000 and opened its doors to children on 3 September 1969.

Originally there were only six classrooms and 160 children. By September 1972 the number of pupils had risen to 219 and the seventh classroom was opened. Today, with ten classrooms, the school has 320 children in the main school plus 52 part time children in the Nursery.

Originally a Voluntary Aided School, the school became self governing in 1993. The aims and ethos of the school remained unchanged and, with the end of Grant Maintained status, the school returned to Voluntary Aided status.

On 10 September 1996, a nursery was opened as an integral part of the school, taking 52 pupils, 26 in the morning and 26 in the afternoon. The Nursery was purpose built to a high standard and has its own secure outside play area.

The school has once again embarked on a new phase of expansion to two forms of entry since September 2012. The school will have expanded fully to two forms of entry across the school by September 2018.

The school has always valued each child as an individual and sought to help all its pupils to achieve their maximum potential within a caring environment.

The school has had 7 Headteachers:

Mr F J Saunders

Mrs E D England

Mr R P B Browne

Mrs H M Clark

Mrs C A Rapps

Mrs E E Hart Dyke

Mrs L Jackson

1969 to 1982

1982 to 1990

1990 to 1995

1995 to 2000

2001 to 2004

2005 to 2020

2021 to present