St Luke's C of E Primary School

Trust in God
and give of your best

"For each one of us to shine as a light believing
we can make a difference in the world." Matthew 5:16

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Christian Vision and Values

Christian Vision

Our vision at All Saints is 'For each one of us to shine as a light believing we can make a difference in this world.' Matthew 5:16.

Through our Christian ethos, we learn how we can each shine in our own special way and how we can make a difference in a positive way. We aim to spread positivity and become excellent role models both inside of school and outside when we leave.

Christian Values

At All Saints, we believe that if children display these values inside and outside of school, this will stand them in good stead for whichever path they choose after leaving us. We teach these nine values through worship, class activities, lessons, Bible stories, quotes and inspirational heroes. Our children learn how to show these values and we look for ambassadors who display these values throughout the school day. One child in every class is selected to become an ambassador for each of these values over the school year and they are presented with a special badge which they can wear on their uniform to show how proud we are of each and every child.


Mission and Aims

All Saints School aims to provide a high standard of education within a Christian community where every person is valued as an individual.

Working in partnership, staff, governors, parents and carers will:

  • Through worship and by example and encouragement, promote Christian ideals
  • Inspire all pupils to develop enquiring, creative minds and a love of learning, so they may achieve their potential in all areas of their development;
  • Provide a welcoming, secure and stimulating environment enabling all pupils to feel valued and safe;
  • Encourage all pupils to show mutual respect and develop consideration for themselves, others and the environment as responsible global citizens;
  • Motivate all pupils to have high but appropriate expectations of their own achievements and behaviour and support others in theirs;
  • Work as a team to improve and manage the school effectively;